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Reduce the Reds! ExcelV Laser Demonstration

“If RED isn’t your color” We have a laser for you! Reduce your small spider veins, redness, flushing and blushing! Watch our Nurse Practitioner give an excel-v treatment.

This advanced laser system can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including:

Port Wine Stains
Leg Veins
Facial […]

Why you should worry about skin cancer

The commonness of skin cancer is particularly frustrating because it’s largely preventable, but so many do not take it seriously. The most obvious way is by avoiding sun exposure, which causes more than 90 percent of all skin cancers.

Skin cancer isn’t anything to be […]

Brighter More Beautiful Skin – Lytera Skin Brightening Complex

Lytera by SkinMedica will brighten and even out your skin tone. In this video Contour Esthetician Anne Marie speaks about the many benefits of Lytera. Call us or stop by to buy some Lytera or get more information, Call: 760-423-4000

Esthetician Anne Marie Demonstrates a Vivite Glycolic Peel

How does a peel make you feel? AMAZING, right!  When you feel that it is the time to shine…There is nothing better to reveal that fresh new skin!

5 Way to get Sexy Summer Smooth Legs


Who knew that you should always wait until the end of your shower or bath to start your shaving process.  Softening the hair will make it easier for each hair follicle to fall into place as you are gliding your razor across your skin. […]

April 19, 2018