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‘Tis the season to Visit Contour Dermatology

Erica and Jessy show the way to Contour for Day of Beauty, December 6, 2014. Stop by Contour Dermatology and Save. Find out all the Day Of Beauty details here

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Are You Sleeping In Yesterday’s Makeup?

Are you sleeping in yesterday’s make up? Studies show that about 1/3 of woman are on a regular basis. Whatever reason you have to be sleeping in your makeup, here are some reasons you should consider to help break the habit.

Throughout the day, your […]

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Do These 4 Steps Daily For Younger Skin

ONE Cleanse

There’s more to cleaning your face than using whatever soap you have on hand while in the shower. Choosing the right cleanser can be tricky since no two faces are exactly alike. Skin types vary between gender, ethnicity, age, and on a scale […]

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10 things you can do right now to prevent wrinkles

Avoid the sun. Sun Exposure can cause premature wrinkling and uneven skin pigmentation. Over time, too much sun exposure will cause your skin’s texture to change. The skin can become tough and leathery, and you may notice more wrinkles. In addition, the sun can […]

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Anne Marie Demonstrates How Vibradermabrasions Works

Anne Marie Johnson, an esthetician at Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center, shows and explains how a vibradermabrasion improves your skin. A vibradermabrasion can exfoliate your skin, allowing products to penetrate deeper into your skin. Not only will your products penetrate deeper into your […]

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