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Contour Dermatology Treats Melasma

Melasma is a common skin condition that appears as brown or gray spots on the face and sometimes neck and forearms. Usually, melasma is found on cheek, nose, forehead, and upper lip. But it can occur on other parts of the body, anywhere that […]

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Non Surgical Facelift – Liquid Facelift

Many people are often very nervous and the thought of having to go under the knife for a small troublesome area just doesn’t seem feasible for them.  The good news is there are now a lot of skin rejuvenation techniques today that don’t involve […]

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Our Favorite Sunscreen Myths Unveiled

A little tanning won’t hurt anyone: Any tanning is bad. Tans are a result of melanin stimulation as a “defense” mechanism triggered by your body’s need to protect itself from the sun. We don’t want to tan. We want to maintain our natural skin […]

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Contour Smiles!

“Contour was all smiles today”!!!
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Natalie Fights Back Against Adult Acne

Adult acne can be a big problem. No one wants to deal with break outs, but I feel it’s even worse as an adult. Confidence levels can go down as we try to hide the acne from those around us. It can lead to […]

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