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Triniti Plus™ – A Skin Rejuvenating Hat Trick


The Skincare Superhero

Looking to freshen your look but don’t know where to begin? You know you’d like to banish a few wrinkles. Uneven skin tone may be a concern. Plus, who wouldn’t like to firm things up overall? Imagine if you could address all […]

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Jolly Green Smoothie Is So Hot It Makes Natalie Dance the Robot!

This week on the Kylie and La Rue Show the duo invite a guest Natalie to do a taste test on their Jolly Green Smoothie. It’s tastes so good she has to dance the robot!

The Best of Both Worlds with Dr. Timothy Jochen – Rhytides

Rhytides is a fancy medical term for a common condition that most of us have! Watch #TheBestofBothWorlds with Dr. Timothy Jochen and Jessica to learn more about Rhytides.

Introducing Contour’s New Facial Filler Packages

Meet Dermatologist Dr. David Sawcer


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