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March 2017 Specials – Discover our Fountain of Youth

Liquid Face lift Special*
Buy 4 mls of any filler get 2 mls free.

Botox for Crow’s Feet!
$99 (Save $81)

Save 15% on Eye Creams
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*Results and your patient experience may vary
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Inching Toward Perfection – Fraxel for the Body

If you’ve ever altered an image in Photoshop, you know what it’s like to work pixel by pixel to make something look better. You focus all your efforts on what needs to be corrected while leaving all the good stuff unchanged. Wouldn’t it be […]

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To Fill or Not To Fill, Save 15% Off Facial Filler

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We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy 15% off 2 mls of filler. Dr. Timothy Jochen considers dermal fillers the modern day fountain of youth. The vast variety of fillers available today from Juvéderm to the newly FDA-approved […]

  • Tone, tighten and lift the non-surgical way with Ultherapy
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    An Exclusive Offer Just for You: 25% Off an Ultherapy Treatment

An Exclusive Offer Just for You: 25% Off an Ultherapy Treatment

Special Invitation: 25% off an Ultherapy Treatment

Take advantage of this non-invasive ultrasound treatment to look and feel younger with lasting results. Things Are Looking Up!

Would You Like to See the Beauty of Sound?  You’ve tried CoolSculpting and enjoyed the benefits of non-surgical fat reduction. […]

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Ring in a New You, Many Body Contouring Options

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