Cosmetic Dermatology

Lower Eyelid Surgery (Lower Blepharoplasty)

On this episode of Best of Both Worlds, Dr. Jochen performs a lower blepharoplasty on our patient Shannon.

In a lower blepharoplasty, an incision is made following the natural lines of your lower eyelids, just below the lashes. Working through these incisions, Dr. Jochen separates […]

Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins on Legs

On today’s episode of Best of Both Worlds (BOBW) Dr. Jochen will treat Jen who has Spider Veins on her legs and thighs with some Sclerotherapy. Dr. Jochen use two great treatments Glycerin and Asclera in order educate and show the differences in the […]

Tumescent Liposuction for the Back – Fat Transfer for Butt Dimples

Doctor Timothy Jochen of Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center performs tumescent liposuction for the removal of bra fat, and fat transfer for fill dimples in the butt.

Dr. Jochen Demonstrates Dermaroller for Treatment of Lipstick Lines

Dr. Timothy Jochen of Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center discusses how the dermaroller can improve the appearance of lipstick lines that appear around the mouth as we age. This hand held microneedling device produces a wound-healing response that increases collagen and elastin and […]

Lip Lift

It happens gradually, but it happens. The skin between the nose and the upper lip lengthens as we age. This can cause overall facial architecture to appear unbalanced. It’s possible to offset this effect by injecting the upper lift with fillers, but a more […]

January 1, 2020