Bruises are the worst!! Sometimes unavoidable these pesky blemishes can be avoided or at least hidden from view.

Bruises can be managed fairly easily with the appropriate tools.

We have always been able to cover up bruises with makeup and luckily for you we now carry these types of “full coverage” makeup at Contour Dermatology! Our Corrective Colors Kit from Jane Iredale offers a sensible kit with 4 basic tones to appropriately cover up a bruise at every stage of the healing process.

Bruises can also be treated more aggressively with lasers like ExcelV laser which targets the red in our blood and breaks it down to remove the blemish. The ExcelV laser is a simple procedure that takes only minutes and will give you amazing results.

The easiest thing to do when it comes to bruises is to do everything in our power to prevent bruising. There are natural supplements that can help us prevent bruising. Our favorites here at Contour Dermatology are Arnica and Bromelain.  Also, prevent the thinning of your blood by minimizing your alcohol consumption, avoid aspirin (unless recommended use by your physician) and opt for pain relievers like Tylenol, and stop smoking. Our health and lifestyle will play a major role in the prevention of bruising.

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