Contour Dermatology, in the constant quest to provide our patients with the best options, and quality care, now offers Skin Electronic Brachytherapy. The eBX system from Xoft® is an FDA approved device, that targets non-Melanoma skin cancer, while leaving the surrounded tissue unharmed. This system is an excellent alternative to Mohs, for those patients with lesions in difficult regions, such as the nose, ears, elbows or scalp, or people who have a difficult time with wound healing and clotting. Best of all, it’s completely painless, there’s no sensation during the treatment at all!

How it Works

Skin Electronic Brachytherapy works through the emission of non-radioactive radiation. This radiation is targeted precisely toward the treatment location, to destroy cancer cells, while leaving the healthy tissue around the site unharmed. The tiny radiation emitter is small enough to fit on the pad of your finger, and due to its small, targeted nature, does not emit residual radiation after treatment and allows staff to remain in the room with the patient.

eBX Before After

eBX Before After

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