What is it?

EpiFix®, by MiMedx® is a biomaterial containing 226 different growth factors, cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors, which help your body heal even the most stubborn wounds.

The allograft is produced by utilizing the Purion® Process. This process starts by taking amniotic tissue from a healthy, consenting mother, during a scheduled Caesarean Section. Mother, and child are never adversely effected by the process. The tissue is then separated by its layers, sterilized, and reassembled. The newly cleaned membrane is then dehydrated, and ready to be placed on a wound.

How does it help?

Contour Dermatology is happy to offer EpiFix as a solution for healing difficult wounds, speeding up the healing process, and minimizing scarring. By modulating the inflammation stage of healing, The wound is able to progress to the second, proliferation, phase of healing. during this stage, the wound begins to receive keratinocytes and fibroblasts, which begin to rebuild lost tissue. The remodeling stage then begins, and can carries on for as long as two years, working to rebuild and reduce scarring.

EpiFix has all the essential components needed to increase the effectiveness of the healing process, during all three stages.

EpiFix case study of wound on the scalp

* Results and your patient experience may vary