Come to the Fountain! Your Choice: Liquid Facelift or Mini Facelift?

Come to the Fountain – Check out these youth-renewing specials at Contour – Buy 4mls Restylane, get 2mls FREE and 15% off Mini Facelift!

Sadly, Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth was a tale. However, if you ask Dr. Jochen, he and many of his patients will tell you that fillers are the closest thing to a fountain of youth for facial rejuvenation. On the surgical side, people who have a Mini Facelift claim that it takes about 10 years off their appearance.

This month, we’re offering a Liquid Facelift Special where you can get 2 mls of any Restylane facial filler FREE, when you buy 4mls of Restylane. We’re also offering 15% off the Mini Facelift which restores laxity in the lower two thirds of the face.

Refreshing Option #1: The Liquid Facelift

What is a liquid facelift? It’s typically 6 mls of facial filler utilized strategically to lift, plump and fill for total facial rejuvenation. Our special this month includes 2 FREE mls when you buy 4, so you will receive a total of 6 mls of Restylane products. Yes, you can mix and match different Restylane fillers to achieve your goals, including:

  • Cheek augmentation
  • Lip plumping
  • Lipstick lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasal labial folds
  • Hollow under eyes
  • Hollow temples
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Nose straightening
  • Jawline improvement

Besides featuring longer-lasting hyaluronic acid fillers, the primary ingredient in facial filler rejuvenation is the artistic eye of an experienced facial filler injector. Dr. Timothy Jochen is in the top 5 facial fillers in the nation. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Liquid FaceliftLiquid Facelift

Refreshing Option #2: The Mini Facelift

What is a Mini Facelift? A mini facelift corrects sagging jowls and laxity in the lower two-thirds of the face. It restores a youthful jaw and neckline and patients often comment that they look at least 10 years younger. Unlike the wind-tunnel results of the past, the mini facelift not only pulls back sagging skin, it also attaches the underlying muscle tissue, providing support for long-lasting results. Dr. Jochen neatly positions the incision behind the ears at the hairline, so the scar is virtually unnoticeable. The concerns most people have about getting a facelift include: the cost, risks of anesthesia, scars and not wanting to look “done.” The mini facelift that Dr. Jochen performs addresses all of those concerns! Schedule a consultation to learn more.
Compared to a full facelift, the benefits of a mini facelift include:

  • More affordable
  • Less risk with conscious sedation
  • Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure
  • Virtually undetectable scars
  • Quicker recovery time

Mini Face LiftMini Face Lift

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