QWO® - Cellulite Busting Injectable

Freedom from Cellulite QWO® is Here

QWO - An injectable treatment for cellulite is here.

New Cellulite-Busting Injectable Available at Contour

In America, we love our freedom – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But that doesn’t exempt the majority of women from getting cellulite. Cellulite affects all ages.

Benefits of QWO • Quick treatment sessions

  • No down-time
  • Improves buttocks cellulite dimpling
  • Visible results in about 10 weeks
  • FDA-approved

Why do people get cellulite?

Cellulite is frustrating because it does not respond to diet and exercise. The reason diet and exercise don’t work is that cellulite is not caused by an accumulation of fat but rather by a thickening of the fibrous bands that connect the muscle to the skin. As these bands stiffen, this can push up fat which gives that lumpy, bumpy cottage cheese or orange peel-like appearance on the buttocks and thighs. Hormonal changes, including birth control pills and menopause, can contribute to cellulite as they can diminish collagen and reduce elasticity of the fibrous bands.

How does QWO help?

QWO contains a solution of collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH). Your body naturally produces collagenase enzymes. Scientists are not entirely sure how QWO works, but it is believed that introducing more of these enzymes helps to target collagen Type 1 and Type 3 in the fibrous bands to break down the thickened bands and release them. It also may work to redistribute the fat and stimulate new collagen. QWO is not absorbed in the bloodstream; it only affects the targeted area.

What is a QWO treatment like?

Your medical provider will numb the area of the buttocks to be treated and outline the dimples. Next, they will make three injections per dimple with the QWO solution. The injected medication will help release the bands that pull the skin down to create a more pleasing, smoother appearance. The QWO clinical study showed that three injections per dimpled area was the most effective method of injection. At each office visit, the entire treatment only takes about 10 minutes.

Qwo Results

Patients can expect to see results in about 10 weeks. Your provider will determine how many treatments you need, but typically it is three treatments spaced three weeks apart. QWO clinical studies have included more than 1,800 women – the largest clinical studies ever conducted on cellulite. In two pivotal studies of 843 women, about half received treatment with QWO; the others received a placebo with the QWO treated buttocks showing statistically significant improvement. There were no serious side effects among the study participants, just bruising at the injection sites, which lasted several days. However, QWO may cause an allergic hypersensitivity reaction. A five-year study is currently underway to determine the longevity of the injectable’s results.

Already Winning Awards

Besides patient praise, QWO has garnered national media attention since its approval. QWO was the 2020 Shape Beauty Award recipient and won ELLE’s Future Beauty Award of 2020.

Buck the Status Quo with QWO

A dimple may be cute on the face, but no one likes them on the derriere. QWO is a great solution to reclaim smoother, firmer skin on your buttocks, especially for intimate moments or wearing a bathing suit. Right now, QWO is only indicated for use in the buttocks. However, FDA approval for use on the thighs is anticipated soon. If you want to buck the status quo of cellulite with QWO, give us a call to see if you are a candidate for a QWO treatment.

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