More or Less, the Answer’s YES!

Contour Dermatology invites you to take advantage of our hairs specials this March. From hair transplants* to laser hair removal we can help!

Improve or Remove! We Have Solutions for Your Hair Issues

Hair loss is a sensitive subject. We understand and we can help. For men, it can begin as early as the 20s with each decade bringing more loss to those prone to male pattern baldness. Women also experience female pattern baldness, but their hair loss is more diffuse overall thinning. If you are concerned about hair loss and want to stimulate hair regrowth* or take the next step to fill in a receding hairline via a hair transplant procedure, this is the month to call us to schedule that consultation to take advantage of our March Hair Specials.

Solutions for Hair

For those of you who want less hair, we have two specialty lasers that can zap it away. Whether that’s too much hair on your upper lip, under arms, back, legs or even the bikini area, you’ll save 20% on laser hair removal packages purchased this month.

NeoGraft – Least Invasive Hair Transplant Available Today

This month, you can get a minimally invasive NeoGraft Hair Transplant* for $7 per graft (regularly $8 per graft). We also are offering a special of $4 per graft (regularly $5.25) for a Follicular Unit Transplant* option which involves a surgical strip of donor hair. With the purchase of either transplant, you will receive a FREE Platelet Rich Plasma treatment* to boost the growth of the newly implanted hair for best results and faster healing.

NeoGraft Hair TransplantNeoGraft Hair Transplant

Capillus Laser Cap – Proven Technology to Stimulate Hair Regrowth*

Can stopping hair loss be as easy as wearing a baseball style cap just 30 minutes every other day? Yes, it can make a difference if you catch the hair loss early. This month you’ll save 20% on the purchase of the Capillus Laser Cap. It’s a wear-at-home device that emits red low-level laser therapy to stimulate new hair growth.

Capillus Before and AfterCapillus Laser Cap Before and After

Smooth is the Groove – Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a fairly quick and comfortable procedure. It feels like a mild rubber band snap, but we can numb the skin with a topical numbing cream for a near painless treatment. Results are permanent, but hair does grow in cycles, so typically a few treatments are recommended depending on the area.

Laser Hair RemovalLaser Hair Removal

Restrictions may apply. To receive these rates, please schedule appointment by 3/31/19.

Call (760)-423-4000 to schedule your personal consultation or click here for online appointment request.

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