What is It?

You may have heard the term “Platelet Rich Plasma” or “PRP” from your dermatologist, or family Physician before, but was left wondering exactly what it is. Luckily, Contour is here to explain. Platelet Rich Plasma was produced for the first time in the early 1970’s and first used in medical procedures in 1987. Starting out as a treatment for those with heart problems,Centrifuged Blood Diagram severe burns, or joint deterioration, it was quickly realized that it could be used almost anywhere cell regeneration was needed.

Since 1987, PRP has been used in every field from heart surgery, to skin care, and is being used more and more often by physicians everywhere. PRP is the concentration of the patient’s own platelets within their plasma. It is produced by taking a small vial of the patients blood, and placing it in a centrifuge. By placing the blood in the centrifuge and spinning it rapidly, the plasma is separated, along with the platelets. This results in a platelet concentration that is 3-5 times greater than normal blood.

Why is it so Important?

Great, now we know how PRP is made, but what are the platelets, and why are they so important? Blood Platelets are little cells, about a quarter of a red blood cell’s size, and are formed in a person’s bone marrow. These cells are responsible for clotting. In other words, they stop the bleeding when an injury occurs. They are like micro emergency repairmen for your body.

Platelets are very important to doctors, when they are concentrated, because they release “growth factors”, which are responsible for initiating the growth of new, healthy cells. By doing this, new cells form, and improve the health of the area in which they were applied. This not only improves the health of the site, but it can also greatly reduce healing times, reduce scaring, lessen the chances for infection, and reduce bleeding.

Here at Contour Dermatology, we are proud to use PRP in a number of treatments, such as hair, and facial rejuvenation. Read more about PRP, and how it can help you with hair rejuvenation here, and how it may also help you with facial rejuvenation here.

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