GLYTONE by Ducray CHRONOSTIM® Lotion Spray

GLYTONE by Ducray CHRONOSTIM® Lotion Spray


Day and Night Hair Lotion Spray to reduce the appearance of chronic hair loss and promote fuller looking hair.

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Product Description


Reduces the appearance of hair loss
Helps reduce oily scalp, which can cause hair loss


Promotes fuller-looking hair
Nourishes hair
Revitalizes hair

The first Day/Night hair loss treatment adapted to men’s hair.

  • Non-greasy formula
  • Easy application
  • Good cosmetic elegance

How to Use

Apply seven sprays of the lotion to your scalp, which should be dry or slightly damp. Massage it in gently and do not rinse.

Acute-phase: For at least one month, apply the MORNING and EVENING formulas once a day.

Maintenance-phase: For at least three months, apply both formulas three times a week.

Chronostim formulas are pleasantly scented and penetrate easily without making your hair greasy.
To ensure optimum results, the combined use of ANAPHASE Shampoo to prepare your scalp for the treatment is recommended. Depending on the number of applications per week, each pack should provide treatment for two to four months.


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