RENOVA 0.02%

Helps improve fine lines and wrinkles and reduce acne

RENOVA 0.02%

It is clinically proven to reduce fine wrinkles, including crow’s feet, when used as part of a total skin care program that includes your moisturizer and sun protection.

RENOVA 0.02% is proven effective on lightly pigmented skin.

This product is prescription grade, therefore a phone consult will need to be conducted after the purchase has been made in order to review the side effects. Please provide a correct phone number in order to prevent delay.

RENOVA 0.02% is a low dose, 0.02% tretinoin cream formulated with emollients. Because of this special formulation, Renova 0.02% is gentle enough for most sensitive skin.   Contour Dermatology recommends Renova for: Patients with sensitive skin, dry skin or those who have tried a higher dose of Retin A and experienced side ffects. RENOVA 0.02% allows these patients to still enjoy the benefits of a vitamin A retinoid.

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