The New Status-QWO

On Cellulite


About ninety percent of women have a form of cellulite on their bodies. While some cellulite is barely noticeable, more severe cases can lead to a lower self-confidence in many women. This condition is primarily characterized by a dimpling of the skin most commonly appearing on the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is either related to hormones or is hereditary, becoming more noticeable as a woman ages and loses her skin laxity.

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite does not get worse as weight is gained. The fat is actually pushing on the cellulite, making it look larger and more expansive than it really is. This is why cellulite does not respond well to weight loss and where the groundbreaking treatment of Qwo™ becomes beneficial.

Its full name is collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes, but Endo Aesthetics calls it Qwo™ for short. Qwo™ is the first-ever injectable for cellulite has been recently approved by the FDA. In order to receive this approval, clinical trial participants and investigators had to report a two-point improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

How Qwo Works

Qwo™ is best for moderate-to-severe cellulite in the buttocks. It works by combining the power of two purified enzymes, AUX-I and AUX-II. These enzymes are naturally produced by the clostridium histolyticum bacterium. Qwo™ releases these enzymes into the desired treatment area so that it may target Type 1 and Type 3 collagen. These enzymes weaken the fibrous septae which is the primary structural cause for the cellulite we see. This means that the bands beneath the skin are targeted directly, resulting in a diminishment of cellulite and overall smoothing of skin in the treated area. Qwo™ injections take about 30 minutes and are a minimally invasive treatment in comparison to traditional methods of cellulite reduction.

Other treatments such as laser, subscision, and caffeine creams are not capable of pursuing the root cause of cellulite the same way Qwo™ does. Cellfina and Cellulaze mechanically target cellulite’s cause within the fibrous septae via knife or laser but do not show the same significant results. There are no side effects to using Qwo™ aside from possible temporary discomfort at the injection site including possible bruising and swelling that may last up to two weeks. Since the treatment is relatively painless, there is no need for anesthesia.

Who can get this treatment?

This injectable has been subject to the largest clinical trial in the history of cellulite investigation in the United States. The results find that women of all ethnicities, body types, and ages respond well to Qwo™.

Men get cellulite too, but unlike women, they are not susceptible to its unpleasant effects on the body. This is because men’s muscle-to-fat ratio and skin cells comprise a body chemistry different from women, limiting the effect of cellulite. To further impede the progress of cellulite in men, the estrogen hormone is not present in the same large quantity as it is in women.

This injectable will become available starting in the spring of 2021. While Qwo™ is currently only able to treat the buttocks, Endo Aesthetics is seeking approval for the thighs and other areas of cellulite concentration. It is recommended to receive three injections of Qwo™ spaced 21 days apart for lasting results. And that’s the new status-Qwo™ on cellulite!

* Results and your patient experience may vary

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