What is a bruise?

We all get them but we may not know why or how. Bruises are a simple rupture of a blood vessel under the skin caused by a tear in the skin or a hard bump. Blood will leak out of a vessel under the skin and create an unsightly blue or black blemish.

How to treat a bruise:

Ice; as soon as the incident occurs applying ice to the affected area will help cool the blood and the vessel to prevent or minimize blood from leaking out to the surrounding tissue. Wrapping a bruise will also help maintain damage to a minimum, as the pressure will prevent blood from continuing to leak out of the vessel. Ironically after you have cooled (Iced) the area for 24 hours you will want to start applying heat to stimulate more blood circulation in the affected area. More circulation means the pool of blood that has collected in the tissue can now begin to clear out with the increased blood flow.

When will my bruise go away?

Bruising will subside within two to four weeks. Most bruising especially in areas centrally located in our body like chest and neck should see quicker resolution than feet and hands since the blood flow in our extremities is much weaker than areas close to our heart.


Many people often believe that a healthy diet rich in vitamin C can help prevent bruising, studies show Vitamin C has been proven to strengthen the capillary walls making it less likely to easily tear. Foods rich in Vitamin C are Carrots, apricots, and citrus fruits. Also blood thinners like aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications can increase our chances of bruising.

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