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Baldness and thinning hair can undermine your self-confidence and make you look and feel far older than you actually are. Dr. Timothy Jochen is a specialist in hair restoration and a leader in the field of medical dermatology and cosmetic surgery. He performs the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery throughout his widespread Southern California practice.

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There are many reasons why many men, as well as a fair number of women, experience hair loss. Heredity definitely plays a part. Age plays a role as well. Nearly two out of three men will show signs of balding by the time they’re 60 with the process beginning for some as early as in their 20s and 30s, and in some instances during their teens. For the estimated 40% of women who experience hair loss or thinning, the catalyst can often be traced to hormonal changes, illness, medication and grooming habits.

Read what our patients say:

Tim performed Strip hair transplant surgery on me 2 years ago. Everything I needed to know prior and after surgery was provided to me. So there were no surprises. Overall I’m happy with the results.

Fast forward to today. I’m planning on speaking with Tim regarding a second surgery to give me a completely full head of hair. It’s not uncommon for men to have several surgeries to obtain optimal results. So, the consultation is nothing out of the ordinary.

If I’m deemed a good candidate for a second surgery I would opt for the Strip Method again as it has the highest success rate with over 90% of the transplanted grafts surviving.

One other thing; Tim is very hands on and a really personable guy. He makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet. This is a nice quality in a physician.

~ Todd W., Palm Desert, CA

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NeoGraft – The Gold Standard in Hair Restoration

Individualized Treatment

Dr. Jochen and his team at Contour Dermatology recognize the personal nature of hair loss and offer the very latest in customized solutions. Upon scheduling a consultation at one of Contour’s offices – Dr. Jochen is also available via Skype – rest assured you’ll receive a thorough evaluation and a treatment plan devised especially for you. Innovative hair restoration techniques including NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are available as well as non-surgical treatment options.

The Best Candidates for Hair Transplants

Do you have healthy hair growth on the sides or back of your head? This can serve as donor hair and make you an excellent candidate for hair restoration surgery.

The Artistry of Hairline Design and Implantation

What really sets Dr. Jochen apart is the compelling degree of artistry he brings to each and every hair restoration case. Many factors come into play when designing a natural hairline. There are ethnic variations to be considered as well as different types of peaking – is yours a classic widow’s peak or a series of small peaks on the sides? Most people also have small hairs scattered in front of their hairline, and were you aware hair growth changes direction depending upon the area of the scalp? These are all details Dr. Jochen pays close attention to when sketching in the hairline and implantation pattern he anticipates creating for you during your procedure. To him, a natural looking appearance is more important than density. Awareness of these nuances demonstrates his attention to detail and commitment to aesthetic excellence. It ensures a most favorable outcome and the natural look you long to achieve.

Unsurpassed Quality Care

Unsurpassed quality of care before, during and after any procedure is a given at Contour Dermatology. The staff at Contour Dermatology will always take the time to fully explain a procedure to prospective patients. Candidates come away knowing what to expect, the possible risks and side effects and the best ways to continue to encourage new hair growth following treatment. Every patient is given a comprehensive list of pre-procedure instructions to follow. The same close attention is paid post-operatively to reduce the risk of any complications and to guarantee utmost success.

Restore Your Hair – Restore Your Self-Confidence

You owe it to yourself to explore the remarkable hair restoration options available at Advanced Hair Restoration at Contour Dermatology. The successful treatment you undergo will restore not only your hair but your self-confidence as well. Become one of the many satisfied patients who first and foremost receive expert medical care coupled with the meticulous artistry of Dr. Timothy Jochen. Go forward with a new lease on life, improved physical appearance and complete assurance in business and social situations alike.


Dr. Timothy Jochen is a specialist in hair restoration, and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He has performed hundreds of expertly done transplants throughout his career, and uses the latest techniques in hair transplant procedures. Dr. Jochen has taken great pride in restoring his patients’ natural, healthy hair, for nearly 20 years, and continues to set the bar in hair transplant medicine.

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