Hyperhidrosis – We Can Take Care of That, No Sweat!

Let’s face it, we all sweat. However, some may sweat a lot, and even for no reason at all. This condition is often diagnosed as hyperhidrosis. Thankfully, those of you that have this condition, are not without options at Contour Dermatology!

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According to the […]

Wart Removal*

Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center has all the options you need, to solve your wart problems. Warts come in a variety of forms. Thankfully, we have a variety of treatments!

Warts, or “verruca” as they are called in the medical community, are small skin […]

Multi-talented BOTOX

Mention Botox and the first thing anyone ever thinks is oh, yes, the injectable wrinkle remover. It’s literally become a household name due to this wondrous ability. The common theory is people use it to diminish fine lines and creases on their forehead, end […]


Kiss Lip Lines Goodbye…
Juvéderm Volbella® XC – A New Filler for Lips

The delicate mouth area requires a smoother, softer, injectable gel. Pharmaceutical industry leader Allergan has delivered one and it’s now available at Contour Dermatology. FDA-approved Juvéderm Volbella® XC is perfect for subtly enhancing […]

Inching Toward Perfection – Fraxel for the Body

If you’ve ever altered an image in Photoshop, you know what it’s like to work pixel by pixel to make something look better. You focus all your efforts on what needs to be corrected while leaving all the good stuff unchanged. Wouldn’t it be […]

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