Picoway Resolve

The Best Solution for Pigmented Lesions

Brown spots and areas of uneven pigmentation become things of the past with PicoWay.

Resolve to make a change!

Brown spots and areas of uneven pigmentation become things of the past with PicoWay, the amazing laser that zaps skin irregularities away. Featuring the identical PicoWay technology by Syneron Candela that so effectively removes tattoos, PicoWay Resolve uses a different hand piece to deliver the exact same ultra short pulses of laser energy. These pulses are measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second) and are capable of breaking down pigment into minuscule particles.


The PicoWay Resolve minimally affects the skin by utilizing holographic fractional technology. The dual wavelength fractional module targets the melanin and leaves the surrounding healthy skin untouched. This new generation laser with its ultra fast picosecond high peak energy requires fewer treatments than other pigment lasers, causes less discomfort and provides better clearance of the pigmentation. Since it transfers the least amount of heat possible to the skin, this technology is safe for darker skin types too.

The PicoWay Resolve’s ultra-fast delivery of concentrated high-power energy shatters pigment into tiny particles, making it easier for the body to absorb and clear the pigmentation. Before long, brown spots, splotchy patches and other skin irregularities traceable to things like excessive sun exposure or hormones are gone. In a clinical study of the PicoWay Resolve, 96 percent of lesions had good or complete clearance resulting in 86 percent patient satisfaction.

How many treatments are necessary?

Treatments only take about 20 minutes in-office with no downtime. Some pigmentation issues may be resolved with a single treatment while others may require a series to achieve optimum results. Some of the pigment problems that PicoWay Resolve can help with include:

  • Freckles
  • Age spots
  • Lentigines (liver spots)
  • Nevus of Ota (increased pigmentation around the eyes)
  • Café-au-lait spots
  • Melasma

Take care of minor imperfections and make your skin appear youthful again with PicoWay Resolve.

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Dr. Timothy Jochen Medical Director, Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center
Dr. Jochen specializes in Mohs Surgery for skin cancer removal, facial rejuvenation including cosmetic laser technology, Botox® and facial fillers, soft tissue augmentation, leg and facial vein treatment, tumescent liposuction and hair restoration/transplants.

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