What are Acne Scars?

Medical Dermatology

Pigmentation after an acne lesion is common in darker skin types; and is often confused as a “scar”. Hyperpigmentation does not have texture, it only has discoloration.

Woman Acne Scars After Smoothbeam Laser

Luckily treatment for this is fairly non-invasive. The simplest route to correcting pigmentation issues caused by acne is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Retin- A: speeds up skin cell turn over stimulating collagen and removing dead skin cells.
  2. Hydroquinone: evens out skin tone by suppressing melanin production and maintaining our natural tone. This is often referred to as “bleach” but rest assured this will NOT bleach your skin or make you pale by any means.
  3. Sunscreen: Always apply SPF 35+ and remember to reapply!! Re-application is crucial in the success of sun screening.

We would also encourage you to see a dermatologist to ensure you don’t get any new lesions from acne. Other preventative measures you could utilize include: topical and oral antibiotics, Accutane, laser treatments such as the Smoothbeam and the IPL with acne head. All of these products and procedures mentioned will help treat the scarring caused from the acne

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Dr. Timothy Jochen Medical Director, Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center
Dr. Jochen specializes in Mohs Surgery for skin cancer removal, facial rejuvenation including cosmetic laser technology, Botox® and facial fillers, soft tissue augmentation, leg and facial vein treatment, tumescent liposuction and hair restoration/transplants.

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