Contour Estheticians, Micayla, Kelly, and Adriana
Contour Estheticians: Micayla, Kelly, and Adriana

The Dermatology Difference – Esthetics in a Medical Environment

Having healthy, beautiful skin is as much an art as it is a science. At Contour Dermatology, we specialize in both. Our Esthetic Services are an extension of our cosmetic and medical dermatology practice and give us the opportunity to focus on beautifying your skin while providing a pampering atmosphere to leave you glowing on the inside and out.

The Difference

Receiving esthetic services at a dermatology practice compared to a spa or salon is that services are offered under the direction of a supervising medical doctor which allows the estheticians to deliver a broader scope of services and perform stronger treatments than you can get at a spa – such as the application of the more effective retinoic acid versus retinol. “We try to do the things that people enjoy and will feel good, but we really want to help the skin. If you just want a fluffy, relaxing treatment, that’s fine, but if you want change, come see us,” said Contour Dermatology Esthetician Anne Marie Johnson.

Contour’s Esthetic Services Include:

Esthetic Special Events

At Contour Dermatology, we regularly host Day of Beauty events with live demonstrations on our esthetic services and beauty bootcamp events. Please visit the Events section on this website to learn about upcoming events or better yet – sign up for our mailing list to receive notifications of upcoming events.

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