Jackie Gets a Sublative Treatment for Her Acne Scars

Nurse Practitioner Xarlyn treats Jackie’s acne scars with our Sublative Laser. This is a RF laser treatment for acne scars that stubbornly stick around.

It is a fractionated bipolar radio frequency technology is the only technology proven to reduce a wide range of acne scars […]

First Time Patient Gets Botox & Lip Fillers | Contoured by Dr. Jochen

Contour Nurse Practitioner Xarlyn gets her first Lip Filler and Botox from Top Doctor Timothy Jochen.

Dr. Timothy Jochen is in the top 1% of facial filler and Botox injectors in the nation. He has served on many facial filler advisory and development boards for […]

Hair Stylists Help Save Lives – Dr. Timothy Jochen Gives Presentation to Educate Stylists

Your hair stylist or barber sees parts of your body you can’t. Melanomas can develop in the scalp, behind your ears and on your neck and a savvy stylist could save your life. To educate more stylists about what to look for that would […]

How to Control Hyperpigmentation with Timothy Jochen, MD

The how’s and why’s of hyperpigmentation with Timothy Jochen, MD. Find out the best skincare products to use to battle age spots, brown spots, and skin redness from the experts here at Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center.

How NeoGraft Works

NeoGraft® introduces the “state-of-the-art” solution for hair loss. This game changing technology automates the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method to give patients more natural looking results with minimal downtime, no linear scaring and no stitches.*

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