Scar Revision

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Scars form as part of the body’s natural response to healing following damage to the skin. Almost all trauma to the skin results in some degree of scarring except for very minor injuries.

Female patient, scar revision on face

What is a Scar?

Scars are composed of collagen, a fibrous protein found naturally in the skin, but unlike normal skin in which collagen is randomly cross-linked, the collagen in a scar is deposited in straight lines resulting in reduced functionality. All scars are benign but can become itchy, painful, or cosmetically concerning. Scars following major trauma or severe burn can inhibit movement- surgery can be used to improve functionally in these cases.

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Dr. Timothy Jochen Medical Director, Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center
Dr. Jochen specializes in Mohs Surgery for skin cancer removal, facial rejuvenation including cosmetic laser technology, Botox® and facial fillers, soft tissue augmentation, leg and facial vein treatment, tumescent liposuction and hair restoration/transplants.

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