Rejuvenation Restylane Style!

Correcting Facial Wrinkles and Folds*

People’s interest in correcting wrinkles and folds, shaping facial contours and augmenting the lips is stronger than ever.

Restylane® is one of the products that set the trend in motion and it remains an excellent and versatile filler to this day.

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We also offers Restylane-L® with 0.3 percent lidocaine.

• Versatile hyaluronic acid (HA) filler
• Lasts 6-9 months
• Designed to correct wrinkles and folds
• Non-surgical treatment
• Little to no downtime
• FDA approved for nasolabial folds and lip enhancement

Smoothing Wrinkles

Restylane is FDA approved and is designed to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and smooth smile lines, otherwise known as nasolabial folds.

Restylane provides a natural beauty lift using hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring in the body. It is a medium particle size crystal-clear, biodegradable NASHA (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid) which is injected into the dermis in tiny amounts with a very fine needle.

The injected gel provides natural volume under a wrinkle or fold, which gets lifted up and smoothed out.

In a clinical study, patients who were retreated at 4.5 months and/or 9 months, saw continued improved beyond 18 months.*

Restylane Before and After Photos*

Before and after RestylaneBefore and after Restylane

Restylane Before and AfterBefore and after Restylane


Restylane before and after for the lipsRestylane before and after for the lips

Restylane Defyne LipsRestylane Defyne Lips

Restylane Before and AfterRestylane Before and After

Restylane Before and AfterRestylane for lips

Restylane for CheeksRestylane for Cheeks

Natural Beauty – Made in Sweden

Restylane is a Swedish innovation dedicated to natural beauty. After decades of extensive research, Dr. Engt Agerup and the company Q-Med in Uppsala, Sweden, succeeded in developing a method to stabilize non-animal, hyaluronic acid and forming a gel called NASHA.

The first application of the NASHA gel, Restylane, was introduced in 1996. This is the filler that launched the Restylane family of products.

Today, Restylane is owned by Galderma, a worldwide leader specializing in the research and development of dermatologic treatments.

A History of Success

Since it was launched in 1996, Restylane has undergone extensive histological and clinical studies with an increasing body of evidence relating to its ease of use, tolerability and effectiveness.

Today, more than 1.5 million treatments have been successfully performed worldwide.

According to ratings on the popular cosmetic website, realself, 89 percent of patients rate Restylane as “worth it.”

Sculpting Lips

For many women and even some men, a fuller, more sensual mouth comes high on their wish list. Lip augmentation is usually carried out in two steps – pouting and contouring.

To create a more pronounced mouth and fuller lips, Restylane is injected into the upper and/or lower lip. This is often combined with the marking of the vermilion border by injecting the gel along the lip line.

Redefining this edge leads to a more youthful and appealing 5look.

The philtrum ridges can be defined by injecting the gel into the lines. To achieve the optimal result, a combination of these steps is often used.

Restylane can also be used to improve the corners of the mouth and “marionette lines.”

Affordable and versatile – you really should give Restylane a try!

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