Nevus Spilus

Skin Conditions

Nevus spilus is a benign solitary skin lesion which may appear on any part of the body. This relatively common growth usually appears in infancy or childhood or sometimes at any age. Its appearance is characterized by a light brown patch of pigmentation varying in size from 1 – 20cm.

Another name for Nevus Spilus (nevi plural) is Speckled Lentiginous Nevus. The spots can be flat or raised.

Medical Monitoring and Cosmetic Treatment

Nevus Spilus may sound like the name of some celestial star or newly discovered planet, but it simply means a brown or dark speckle or group of moles on the skin characterized by a café au lait background area of hyperpigmentation. Another name for Nevus Spilus (nevi plural) is Speckled Lentiginous Nevus. The spots can be flat or raised. Nevus is Latin for birthmark. While a Nevus is considered congenital and may be present from birth, it can develop in childhood or even manifest later in adulthood. Nevus Spilus pigmented lesions can appear anywhere on the body, but are most commonly found on the trunk, arms or legs. This condition occurs in about 2 percent of the adult population worldwide.

Nevus Spilus is typically benign. However just like any moles or other spots on the body, they should be monitored by you and your doctor for any changes. If you have Nevus Spilus, you will definitely want to have this lesion checked on an annual basis. If the area begins to itch or bleed or you notice any changes in color, shape or size, you should have your dermatologist take a closer look. It’s rare, but there have been reports of Nevus Spilus becoming malignant. If this is the case, or the area becomes considered at risk, surgical removal may be recommended.

Typically Nevus Spilus dimensions range from just under 1 cm to greater than 20 cm. Because these marks can be large and occur on exposed parts of the body, patients often wish to have this collection of pigmented spots removed for cosmetic reasons. At Contour Dermatology, we have had great success in using laser technology for excellent clearance of pigment removal. If you or a loved one is concerned about Nevus Spilus, the first step is to obtain a confirmation diagnosis. Benign Nevus Spilus is harmless and does not require treatment, just monitoring. For those who want to explore cosmetic removal of the hyperpigmentation, know that it typically take a series of laser treatments and/or a combination of two types of lasers to achieve the best cosmetic results.

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