Laura Moroney


Contour Dermatology is pleased to welcome Laura Moroney back as a medical provider on staff. Long-time patients will remember when she worked as a laser nurse at Contour for five years. In the summer of 2011, Laura left to join her husband Major Terence Moroney, a Logistics Officer in the United States Marines, for an overseas tour for six years.

When Laura returned to the desert in 2017, she spent several months interning at local medical offices to fulfill the final requirements to earn her Nurse Practitioner’s degree. She interned in OBGYN, pediatrics, internal medicine and at a family medicine practice. During this time, she also worked on a per diem basis at Contour Dermatology as well as at Desert Medical Imaging. She has served as a Nurse Practitioner full time at Contour Dermatology since she received her Nurse Practitioner’s degree in May 2018. She earned her Master’s of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Walden University based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

While she had an enlighting experience living in other countries and was respected as an American and working woman, she said of her return to Contour, “Contour has always been in my heart. I just love the staff and the patients and I feel at home here.” Laura now brings a wealth of even greater medical experience to her practice at Contour along with her sparkling personality and caring heart.
During her time abroad, she not only continued to work in the medical field, she completed her online schooling as a nurse practitioner from Walden University.

Laura and her family spent five years in Okinawa, Japan and one year in Manama, Bahrain in the Middle East. In Okinawa, she worked as a labor and delivery nurse for two years helping to bring precious new lives into the world. She also worked on the military base for three years at the 3rd Dental Battalion Camp Foster. At the Dental Battalion, she became a certified registered intravenous sedation nurse (CSRN) and administered conscicous sedation IVs to patients prior to dental surgery. On the last leg of the tour, in Bahrain, she found a position back in cosmetic dermatology. Due to her prior experince at Contour Dermatology, she was quickly promoted to a supervisory position and taught other nurses the ins and outs of cosmetic lasers and facial fillers.

Now as a Nurse Practitioner at Contour Dermatology, Laura performs various cosmetic treatments incluing facial filler injections, cosmetic lasers, radiofrequency devices and more. She also sees patients for medical dermatology concerns. With her experience and credential in conscious sedation, she administers IV sedation for certain cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Jochen. Additonally, she assists Dr. Jochen with Moh’s surgery procedures to clear skin cancer.

Laura comes from a family of nurses, but didn’t initially pursue this path. After the birth of her son, she had such great nurses taking care of her in the hospital, that experience interested her in changing her major to nursing.

At Contour, Laura not only helps people achieve better skin tone and texture, she said, “I’ve tried every single one of the lasers on myself.”

She also appreciates Botox and facial fillers to maintain her innate beauty.

Laura and her husband, Terence, live in La Quinta with their two children Zachary, a high school senior and Lilly, a fourth grader. Laura and her family are members of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in La Quinta. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, golf, cooking and the theatre.

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