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September 2019 Specials – Mini Facelift & Hair Restoration

Move Forward with Confidence
They say 50 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40 and so forth…. We say, why dwell on a number? Be the best you can be and enjoy whatever age you are to the fullest! The most important […]

Dr. Tim Jochen Talks With NBC Morning News Anchor Joe Smith About Hair Loss and Hair Loss Treatments

Dr. Jochen gives some information on hair loss and some different forms of treatments to help the condition. He speaks about hair loss in women and men. There are various causes for hair loss, some of the root causes are stress, hormonal imbalance, female […]

Terrific Treatments 50% Off

How does 50% off sound?
Here’s an incentive, excuse, motivation, reason to try a new esthetic treatment at Contour Dermatology – 50% off any of 3 select treatments!

Ready to Try Something New?
Schedule a Terrific Treatment Appointment
If you’re as ecstatic about esthetic treatments as we are, […]

Hair It Is…Our Flash Sale on Hair Treatments

This decision could change your life! Well…at least your hair!
Thinning or receding hairline? Take advantage of our Flash Sale on three hair treatments to boost your own hair growth, thickness and health.
Request a Hair Treatment Flash Sale Consultation
How’s your hairline? Are you experiencing recession […]

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