Medical Dermatology

Folliculitis Barbae

Folliculitis Barbae, most commonly known as razor bumps, is a condition that consists of irritated red bumps around the hair follicles, mainly in the beard area. Men suffer from this condition most often due to frequent shaving of sensitive facial areas. If left untreated, […]


Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the organism Haemophilus ducreyi – a bacteria. The hallmark of this disease is an exquisitely painful ulcer on the genitals. The sexually transmitted infection syphilis may initially present very similarly, but can almost always be differentiated […]

Condyloma Acuminata – Genital Warts

Condyloma Acuminata, otherwise known as genital warts, is a sexually transmitted disease cause by the human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV is very very common – it is estimated that almost three quarters of adults have a strain of HPV. However, most people with HPV […]

Cherry Angioma

A cherry angioma, a form of hemangioma, is a bright red bump on the skin. It is a benign over-proliferation of blood vessels that increases in frequency with age. While the mechanisms that cause cherry angiomas to arise are currently unknown, it has no […]

CREST Syndrome

CREST is an acronym used to describe the symptoms of limited scleroderma, otherwise known as CREST syndrome – one of many dermatologic diseases with an autoimmune component. This means that a part of the immune system, which usually functions to protect the body from […]

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