Medical Dermatology

EpiFix – Amniotic Membrane Allograft

What is it?
EpiFix®, by MiMedx® is a biomaterial containing 226 different growth factors, cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors, which help your body heal even the most stubborn wounds.

The allograft is produced by utilizing the Purion® Process. This process starts by taking amniotic tissue from a […]

Platelet Rich Plasma

What is It?
You may have heard the term “Platelet Rich Plasma” or “PRP” from your dermatologist, or family Physician before, but was left wondering exactly what it is. Luckily, Contour is here to explain. Platelet Rich Plasma was produced for the first time in […]

eBX – Skin-Electronic-Brachytherapy

Contour Dermatology, in the constant quest to provide our patients with the best options, and quality care, now offers Skin Electronic Brachytherapy. The eBX system from Xoft® is an FDA approved device, that targets non-Melanoma skin cancer, while leaving the surrounded tissue unharmed. This […]

What is Alkaptonuria?

Alkaptonuria is a genetic disorder that is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, which means that both parents of the patient must (with a few rare exceptions) be either asymptomatic carriers of this disease or have the disease themselves. Alkaptonuria is a result of […]

Acquired Digital Fibrokeratoma

What It Is

An acquired digital fibrokeratoma, also known as an acral fibrokeratoma because it can also arise on the fingers, toes, knees, and soles in addition to its most common location: the fingers. It appears as a single pink or flesh-colored growth that resembles […]

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