Injectable Facial Filler Videos

Facial Fillers and Covid Vaccine Side Effects

Many of our patients are concerned about getting facial fillers when they’re thinking about having the Covid vaccine because of the reported cases of its side effects on people with facial fillers. Is this true? What is really happening? Find out in today’s Medical […]

Getting Lip Fillers with Restylane Defyne

Are you interested in getting lip fillers? Here is what you can expect during a lip filler treatment here at Contour Dermatology. Dr. Jochen is using Restylane Defyne, a dermal filler formulated with hyaluronic acid and. It has proven to be particularly helpful for […]

Liquid Facelift Demo Using Fillers

Facial fillers help in adding volume and lift to the face, with results that can give a lifting appearance. This does involve a significant volume to be injected into the face. This is what is typically meant by a non-surgical or “liquid facelift.”

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Tear Trough Filler for Undereye Hollowness

Undereye Filler — also called Tear Trough Filler — can help improve the dark circles or sunken appearance and hollowness under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid facial fillers can provide a more permanent solution to chronically fatigued eyes.

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Painless Liquid Nose Job Using Fillers

For minor depressions or bumps in your nose, dermal fillers can quickly do the job, easily, and without surgical intervention. Liquid rhinoplasty is injection of dermal fillers to straighten out a dorsal hump or provide that cute little uptilt for the nose.

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January 1, 2020