Huge Ear Keloid Removal

by Dr. Timothy Jochen

Keloid Scar Revieion

Dr. Jochen removes a huge ear keloid caused by an earring from a male patient. Keloids are scar tissue that has expanded beyond the boundaries of the original wound. Like all scars, they are composed primarily of collagen and are benign. They can, however, become painful, itchy, or be cosmetically concerning.

Earlobe Piercings May Cause Keloids

Earlobe piercings are a common form of body modification, but for some individuals, they can lead to an unfortunate complication: keloids. These raised, overgrown scars form when the body’s healing process goes into overdrive. Dr. Jochen, a skilled dermatologist, specializes in the removal of these often large and disfiguring growths. In the case of one male patient, a simple earring piercing had resulted in a huge ear keloid, causing significant cosmetic distress.

How are Keloid Scars Formed

Keloids are formed from an excess of collagen, the same protein that makes up typical scars. However, unlike normal scars that remain within the confines of the original injury, keloids grow outward, creating a raised, sometimes bumpy mass. While they are benign (non-cancerous), keloids have a tendency to become itchy, painful, or cause significant embarrassment for the individual due to their appearance.

Dr. Jochen's Expert Revision Techniques

Dr. Jochen’s expertise in keloid removal offers relief to patients burdened by these growths. The procedure involves careful excision of the excess scar tissue. While there is a chance of recurrence, specialized treatments are often used by doctors like Dr. Jochen to lessen the likelihood of the keloid returning after surgical removal.

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Dr. Jochen specializes in Mohs Surgery for skin cancer removal, facial rejuvenation including cosmetic laser technology, Botox® and facial fillers, soft tissue augmentation, leg and facial vein treatment, tumescent liposuction and hair restoration/transplants.

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