Contour Dermatology is committed to expanding patient care with the latest in laser advancements on the market today. We have added the GentleYAG Pro-U to our collection of devices. This new laser offers treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction for everyone. Whether your skin is fair, dark or tan, the GentleYAG laser can reduce the need to shave, tweezers or wax ever again. Who wouldn’t want that?!

I think we all have looked for an alternative to hair removal that is painless and is relatively permanent. There is always that one area of hair each person would like to be gone forever or just the convenience of not having to shave daily/weekly or even possibly monthly! Especially for some of those harder to reach areas such as the back or the more difficult areas to avoid nicks such as a woman’s lady parts. Laser hair removal can permanently eliminate up to 90 percent of unwanted hair, unlike other hair removal options.

How laser hair removal works is by targeting the hair follicles pigment. By doing this the hair follicles are injured/destroyed. We recommend before coming in for your treatment you avoid plucking, waxing or tweezing 4-6 weeks prior and shave only the day before.  Most areas can be treated using this removal technique except for eyelashes due to the proximity of the eye, we wouldn’t want to danger someone’s sight. The appearance of the skin after GentleYAG Laser differs from patient to patient, depending on their skin tone and area treated. Most patients experience redness and mild swelling to the treated area with slight discomfort similar to the sensation of a mild sunburn.

The benefit to choosing us for your consultation is that Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center will develop a specific treatment plan to meet your overall hair reduction goals. As we know the hair grows in phases and laser hair removal is effective on hair follicles in the early stages of development, this means that a series of multiple treatments will be required. Typically a minimum of five treatments is suggested depending on the selected area and they are usually spaced roughly four to six weeks apart.

The GentleYAG’s versatility is what drew Dr. Timothy Jochen to obtain this cutting-edge technology in the first place. However, it’s just a small representation of Contour Dermatology’s broad laser technology. We are thrilled to offer the most diverse array of cosmetic lasers in the desert and quite possibly in all of Southern California.

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