Mention Botox and the first thing anyone ever thinks is oh, yes, the injectable wrinkle remover. It’s literally become a household name due to this wondrous ability. The common theory is people use it to diminish fine lines and creases on their forehead, end of story. Maybe you even use it for that purpose. If you do, or you think that’s all Botox does, you don’t know Botox. It has the capacity to do so much more.

But first the facts: Botox, or multinational toxin A, is a drug used to treat a good number of medical conditions including overactive bladder, chronic migraines and excessive sweating. However, its real ascent to fame began once it was discovered that by injecting it into certain areas of the face, it could temporarily relax the muscles that cause wrinkles. Now it’s the #1 non-invasive cosmetic procedure in the country with nearly 7 million treatments performed annually.

Botox is most effective at treating “movement” wrinkles. Naturally, foreheads fall into this category. Every time you widen your eyes or lift your eyebrows, usually several creases appear there and over time, unfortunately, they remain. Botox is good at smoothing those. But what about those other movement areas? Chances are crow’s feet appear at the corner of your eyes when you smile. Did you know Botox is good at softening those? If you scrunch your nose up when you concentrate and get bunchy lines at the top – again, Botox. Same for “the 11s” – those side-by-side vertical creases that frequently sink in between brows. Botox addresses lipstick lines too, and can even diminish the creases or “banding” that appears on your neck.

If you’re one of many people who suffer from excessive perspiration, maybe you already know about Botox’s ability to zap that embarrassing problem. However, were you aware it can also be effective on hands and feet that sweat profusely, not to mention scalps? Think how nice it would be to not have sweat beads dotting your brow on an otherwise mild day.

It’s a shame Botox’s many talents frequently go untapped. At Contour, we’re committed to educating you about this popular injectable and all it can accomplish. Ask us about Botox – there’s sure to be some aspect that is just right for you.

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