~ The Mini Facelift ~

Princess Karen Cantrell Appreciates

Dr. Jochen’s Artistic Touch to Aging Gracefully

At 57, Princess Karen Sue Cantrell is as lovely as ever. She credits good clean living, never having smoked and Dr. Timothy Jochen for helping her look so young. There also may be something in her genes. Princess Karen has a direct royal heritage with family lineage dating back to King Edward III of England.

Karen has been a patient of Contour Dermatology since 2009. Initially she came to Dr. Jochen for a skin check for some moles. She came back to have a facial filler.

For the past few years, Karen had been thinking about having a full facelift. She researched surgeons in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. The prices she was quoted were outlandish, ranging from $47,000 to $78,000 – simply too much for a woman who along with her husband, Peter Eckert, is devoted to numerous philanthropic causes including the Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem for which she serves as Secretary General in the United States and the United States Burn Support Organization, an IGO of which she is the Assistant Commissioner of Protocol and Public Information.

Returning to Contour a year later for another facial filler treatment, she saw a brochure about the Mini Facelift and learned that Dr. Jochen performs this procedure on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. Without the thousands of dollars in expense for an anesthesiologist or a costly hospital stay, the Mini Facelift delivers excellent results at a good value for tightening laxity in the lower portion of the face, less risk of complication and a shorter recovery. Karen was already happy with the results from her facial fillers and trusted Dr. Jochen to give her a natural, not over-done look. So, this past August, she decided to not only have the Mini Facelift by Dr. Jochen, she also had him perform a lower blepharoplasty to tighten the skin under her eyes.

“Everyone was very personable and professional at Contour Dermatology. I was very impressed with how thorough they are. Before the surgery, La Rue called me and reminded me to take my antibiotics and to not take any aspirin, right down to getting bags of peas for icing down,” she said.

As you are not “put under” with local anesthesia, Karen commented, “I was talking with Dr. Jochen during the procedure and I didn’t feel any pain. Later that night, Dr. Jochen called me at home to check on me and told me to call him if I needed anything.” The next day she came back for a follow up check and the office scheduled other periodic follow-up appointments.

“I was very faithful to wear my compression garment and to ice and to sleep with my head up,” she said. “They also advised me to drink lots of water, have light meals and I took my antibiotics as scheduled. By following their instructions exactly, I had great results.”

“My husband told me, ‘I want my wife to have character in her face,’” Karen said. “I agree that you need to show your age to a certain extent, but if something bothers you, take care of it. In the end, Peter was very pleased with the results.”

She had her surgery on a Thursday and by Monday she was back at Lady Golf  – a specialty store she founded 19 years ago as the first solely woman’s golf apparel shop in the country. Then on Tuesday, she went to a Fashion Group International Board Meeting where fellow members kept saying “You look really rested. You look so good Karen.”

“Am I happy with it? You bet,” she said. “I’m happy with the professional service, the price, the follow up and I am a devoted Dr. Timothy Jochen patient. The service is par excellence and the artist – and I do not use that term loosely – Dr. Jochen is an amazing artist.”

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