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7 things that affect your skin more than you thought!

1. Alcohol
Whether you like to enjoy a glass of wine after work or a night on the town with the girls, we all enjoy having a drink now and then. An alcoholic drink will actually dehydrate you and diminish nutrients in your skin and […]

Five Myths about Tanning

1. Getting a “base tan” before spending a weekend at the beach protects you from burning
Many have this common misconception that getting a base tan will protect them from potential burns or cancers. This is completely false. Your skin will tan because its already […]

4 Tips for Younger Skin

1. Cleanse
Let’s face it, most of us drag our feet each night to the bathroom to wash our face. It’s not fun, exciting and most of the time the soap and water end up running down your arms making a puddle of water around […]

Pore Therapy

Some of the main things you notice when your checking out your complexion in the mirror are what your over all tone is, how supple it feels and how even your texturing is. Me, personally when I look in the mirror and see my […]

Mole Removal Demonstration – Timothy Jochen, MD

Dr Timothy Jochen demonstrates the removal of a mole. Call us today for all your Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology needs. 888-977-7546.

April 19, 2018