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You should stick 192 needles in your face, Repeatedly

For those of you who don’t know, a dermaroller is a hand held device with a wheel on one side covered in microscopic needles. When rolled along the skin, the needles puncture making hundreds of tiny holes. So why on earth would a dermatologist […]

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Winter Skin Care Tips by Dr. Timothy Jochen – CBS Local 2 interview

Dr. Timothy Jochen shares tips for winter skin care with KPSP CBS Local 2 Morning Show Anchor Tom Tucker. Listen to how you can stay hydrated and avoid the rub of dry skin this winter.

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Dermaroller for Acne Scar Treatment

Dr. Timothy Jochen along with one of our lovely receptionists Rebecca demonstrate a Dermaroller procedure. Dermaroller is used to treat and reduce acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

Chemical Peels by Anne Marie Johnson

Get a TINGLE from our very own KRIS KRINGLE! How do you know what chemical peel is right for YOU?

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What is Capillus and is it for me?

Hair loss and baldness is sometimes connected to age, so when you start to suffer from hair loss at a younger age it can be a surprise! Even as we get older, hair loss is something no one wants to struggle with. Not only […]

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