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Five Facial Faux-Pas

We’ve given you so many lists of things you should be doing for your skin: 4 steps daily for younger skin, 10 ways to prevent wrinkles, 5 ways for sexy legs, 8 face washing tips, and 3 things to feed your skin. Today we’ll […]

Year in Review: Therapeutics

In 2014, many new drugs were added to the field of dermatology in both clinical and aesthetics. It’s wonderful to work in a field where I can always be at the front of progress and know I have the top drugs and procedures to […]

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How to Follow Contour Dermatology on Social Media With Gabby & Jessy

Follow Contour Dermatology on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Pinterest.

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Reduce Saggy Skin with Biggest Loser Ali Vincent & Dr. Timothy Jochen

Don’t be sad about your ‪saggy skin‬! You have Options! Options! Options! What option is your best… Let’s find out what Dr. Jochen thinks. Read more about VelaShape III

5 Signs It’s High Time To See A Dermatologist

1. Annual Body Check
Getting a full body check from your dermatologist is not something you should be ignoring or putting off. With 1 in 5 Americans getting skin cancer, more than 3.5 million new cases each year, and skin cancer not discriminating against gender, […]

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