Although the link to acne and greasy foods have not be proven accurate there are other foods that can directly affect your skin.

Foods to eat:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables: Full of antioxidants they will help protect you skin from free radicals and premature aging.
  2. Fish: Believe it or not the fat in fish will actually help hydrate your skin.
  3. Some oil is good for you skin. It will hydrate your skin and keep you looking healthy. Amazingly people whose diet had little to NO fat experience severe dry skin more often than those on a balanced healthy diet.

Foods to avoid:

  1. Too much sugar. Too much sugar can cause a hormonal in-balance, high blood sugar can cause an increase of insulin which in hand can trigger male hormones and growth factors that can induce more oil production and lead to oily skin and possible acne.
  2. If you have Rosacea, avoid spicy foods, avocados, chocolate, vanilla, sour cream, alcohol, and hot drinks. They can all trigger an outbreak

Water consumption although good for you r body has not been proven to help keep you skin free from breakouts. Just to be safe avoid those sugary soft drinks and have yourself a glass of water.

* Results and your patient experience may vary