Fungus-Free Summer: Nail Your Look

Tackle onychomycosis; flaunt flawless, sun-ready feet.

Sunny days ahead – make them fungus-free. Act now!

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Nail Fungus in the Summer: An Easy Guide

Ah, summer! It’s the time for sandals. But, unfortunately, it’s also a time for something less pleasant: nail fungus. If this is troubling you, don’t worry. Here’s a simple breakdown.

What’s Nail Fungus?

In plain terms, it’s called onychomycosis. First, it appears as a small mark on your nail. Gradually, your nail might discolor or even separate from the skin. Why? Fungi love the warm and moist world inside our footwear.

How It Spreads

Fungi, tiny organisms, sneak in through minor cuts near our nails. Moreover, places like communal pools, which are wet, up the risk. Shoes that don’t breathe or are too snug? They can be culprits too.

Who’s At Risk?

Elderly people are more susceptible. Why? Their blood circulation and nail growth decrease over time. Additionally, men are more at risk. Furthermore, if you’ve had this issue before, be alert. Also, conditions like diabetes or weakened immunity can elevate the risk.

Ways to Stay Safe

Protection is key. For instance, wear flip-flops in shared wet areas. And, it’s essential to keep home showers spick and span because, once a person is infected, it’s easy for others to catch it too.

How to Treat It

There are several treatments. For example, you can find over-the-counter creams. But always trim your nails before use. Interestingly, some folks even benefit from household remedies like Vicks or tea tree oil.

Getting Professional Help

Lastly, if home remedies aren’t cutting it, it’s wise to seek expert help. At Contour Dermatology, we aim for your feet to be at their best.

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