Women love taking trips to the beauty parlor. Spa days are often a time to relax, a worry free moment in our busy day to treat ourselves to a nice quiet moment. However, these moments can sometimes lead to an unexpected series of unpleasant events.

Most horror stories are linked to area contamination due to unclean work stations or tools. Most of these incidents can also be easily prevented.

Always make sure your skin is intact before any nail treatment. Any skin that may come in contact with a chair, tool, or tub should be protected in some way. This means legs should not be freshly shaven, shaving prior to your pedicure can cause absorption of bacteria. When removing callouses do NOT allow the nail technicians to shave off the area. The use of razor like devices is not a technique that nail technicians are licensed to perform and lack of licensing means lack or training which can lead to injury on your person. Do not allow the technicians to cut your cuticles. Your cuticles protect your nail. Instead opt for a cuticle softener that allows the cuticle to be pushed back preventing possible exposure to bacteria.

Some people have even resorted to bringing their own tools to their local nail salon. Bringing your own tools may help prevent bacterial infections as long as you are maintaining a clean set for yourself as well. When caring for your own tool set make sure to wash in warm soap water thoroughly and soak in antibacterial solution for at least 10 minutes.

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