Another Shot At Looking Young: Botox Myths Exposed

It's the Most Common Beauty Treatment

One of the most common anti-aging procedures in cosmetic surgery is Botox. We’ve all have heard of it, whether it is in a positive light or a negative one; everyone has an opinion.

Another Shot At Looking Young: Botox Myths Exposed

In today’s society everyone is in a rush to stop or slow down the aging process and many of us are turning towards alternative methods. Botox is a great nonsurgical treatment that can offer many benefits. When Botox is injected it relaxes the muscle causing  a reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, making it the “wrinkle fighter”. Because of its subtle controversy, we have listed the top 6 myths about Botox:


We’ve heard this time and time again and to be honest, Yes its possible; However, if you are being treated by a qualified and experienced injector this side effect is minimal. The risk of suffering from droopy eyelids is lower than 2% according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. One side effect is the sensation that your eyelids are drooping however this subsides in less than a week. View our Botox Photo Gallery.


Any advance practitioner can perform this procedure however the real question is are they qualified enough. Would you want a physician who injects maybe 2 patients a month, or someone who is one of the top .1% in the nation? This is when quality comes into play. You really want to find a provider who you can trust and knows the art of anti-aging. Here at Contour Dermatology it is our passion to help our patient look and feel beautiful. Be cautious if you are invited to a “Botox Party”, unless administered by a Physician or qualified provider these can be dangerous. We recommend seeing your practitioner in their office in a sterile environment over having injections performed on your friends couch.


Often we hear, “She’s too young for Botox”. I have seen patients as young as in their 20’s come in for injections. There really isn’t a minimum age. We obviously would not inject Botox into children or people who do not need it. Nevertheless, prevention is a big part of tackling pre-mature aging. If you can prevent it, why not do it? One of the greatest benefits of injecting when you are in your 20’s-30’s is  that if we can reduce your muscles being able to create wrinkles now, hopefully we can avoid those greater folds as you get older.


The truth is, Botox is a protein and neurotoxin. It only has a negative affect when lethal injections are administered. As far as I have researched, there has never been a case where Botox was performed on a patient for cosmetic reasons that resulted in death. If Botox was really as dangerous as some of the ridiculous claims being made, why would the FDA approve it as a treatment method? The reality of the fact is that the small amount that is injected in the muscle is incapable of getting into the central nervous system and cause damage. Just like any other medication an excessive amount can be dangerous.


Fear of needles is an extreme fear that so many of us face. This is the main cause for any discomfort during the treatment process. The actual procedure has very minimal amount of pain associated with it.  In most offices there are methods to help reduce any type of discomfort such as topical numbing agents, vibrators and ice. We use all three in our office and depending on provider and patient preference is what we typically use. Because the needle is so incredibly small most of our patient do not find it necessary to use any of these techniques due to how quickly the product is injected.


We’ve saved the best for last, this is one of the most common misconceptions about Botox. It has been said that it “freezes the face”. This has become the joke between friends at a cocktail party or while reading the latest celebrity gossip magazines about who has the frozen look now. If administered correctly and by a skilled professional you will have no trouble making facial expressions. Typically when you see the Frozen Look its due to over injecting or it can be caused by other cosmetic surgeries that were botched such as a full face-lift. Just as we said before, look into your physician! Do your research and find someone Board Certified and qualified to treat patients for anti-aging.

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