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PicoWay Resolve The best solution for pigmented lesions

Resolve to make a change!
Brown spots and areas of uneven pigmentation become things of the past with PicoWay, the amazing laser that zaps skin irregularities away. Featuring the identical PicoWay technology by Syneron Candela that so effectively removes tattoos, PicoWay Resolve uses a different […]

Casting Call

Contour Dermatology is looking for patients* who need the following treated:
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Infected Pimples
Large Blackheads
Large Whiteheads
Ingrown hairs


Single treatment will be at no charge
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Hair Transplant for Women

Thinning hair, also known as androgenic alopecia or male-pattern baldness, is not limited only to men! Many women suffer from this condition as well, especially following menopause.

Androgenic alopecia in women does not typically produce an area of baldness but rather simply causes thinning of […]

Capillus – The Easiest Way To Treat Thinning Hair

Recommended for Beginning Stages of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss
For Use at Home or on the Go
Wear Cap 30 Minutes Every Other Day

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