Shampoo: Make sure the shampoo you are using is not going to leave a residue on your hair. Shampoos that lather a lot always seem to be working more but in most cases the “lathering” contents over moisturize your hair and leave build up. Opt for sulfate free products.

Temperature: The heat will always wreak havoc on your hair.  When showering end your wash with a cold rinse. The cold water will seal up your cuticle. When blow drying your hair, allow time for your hair to cool between sections.

Drying: Do not wrap your hair in a towel for an extended period of time as this will cause frizz.frizz


Styling: Always apply any protective products at least 10 minutes before styling your hair. Like your skin, your hair needs time to absorb the product and efficiently protect your hair.

Volume: Loss of hair volume can be attributed to several factors. These simple rules will help you maintain a nice bouncy full look. Use clarifying shampoos (sulfate free) to prevent buildup from weighing your hair down. When blow drying your hair, use medium to low heat to prevent your hair cuticle from collapsing. Brush your hair out with natural fiber or nylon bristles; metal and plastic bristles can cause breakage.

Longer hair: Keratin will help increase and maintain proper hair growth. Make sure your diet is rich in protein. Choose foods like eggs, meat, fish, and cheese which contain GOOD complex carbohydrates that aide in the hair growth. Stimulate growth simply by massaging your scalp GENTLY. Massaging can be done daily with your shampoo. Massaging your scalp will help increase the blood flow in the hair follicle and stimulate growth.long hair

Repair: Take a break from your normal hair routine. Opt for more natural styling options with lower temperatures. Use hair masks that can help restore moisture. Ingredients like shea butter, soy, and marula oil will serve as a protector and fill any breaks in the cuticle.  Smoothing out your hair will then make your hair appear shinier since the follicle is now repaired and smooth the ability to reflect light is then restored as well. “Ghost trim” your hair. DO NOT cut off your hair simply rake through your strands and trim any ends that are split. Only trim the tips and enjoy a refreshed and healthier look almost instantly.

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