How to Reduce Signs of Aging In the Neck

Botox and Filler for Neck Banding, Plus Other Options

The appearance of loose shapeless skin, aka the feared “turkey” neck can be disturbing enough. Unfortunately, for some people, dis­tinct vertical “stringy bands” or cords can also develop in the neck area.

How to prevent the signs of aging in the neck.

Every mature woman knows that there are other significant signs of aging other than your face and hands. Ask yourself, does your neck give you away? If you have platysmal muscle banding occurring in that area, it can distract from even the most radiant and wrinkle-free facial complexion. The meticulous care and attention you have spent taking care of your face will hardly matter if the neck supporting it proves an all too intense picture of our progressing years.

The appearance of loose shapeless skin, aka the feared “turkey” neck can be disturbing enough. Unfortunately, for some people, dis­tinct vertical “stringy bands” or cords can also develop in the neck area. This is due to the platysma muscle on each side of the neck separating and forming protruding folds of skin in front. This separation generally occurs when platysma muscles lose their tone and elasticity. Platysmal banding is more common in women than in men due to the difference in muscle and skin.

What is the Platysma Muscle?

The platysma muscle is a wide flat muscle extending from the chin to the upper chest. It helps depress the jaw and lower lip among other duties and possibly more significantly, it maintains the shape of the neck. If your platysma muscle has become relaxed with age affecting your neck skin to sag, or worse, platysmal neck banding to formulate, there’s no need for hopelessness. Treatment options are available!

Botox Effective for Neck Bands

Before resorting to surgery for platysmal neck bands, some people opt to have injections of muscle-relaxing products such as Botox or Dysport. The optimism is that the bands will relax and lie flat rather than extend beyond-outward. Injectables are harmless and often very effective. The technique takes about 10 minutes and there’s no downtime involved. Just like Botox or Dysport injections to treat other areas, it takes a few days for the solution to set in to see results. Outcomes are similar, as well, the effects lasting from two to four months, depending on the patient’s metabolism. Contour Dermatology has accomplished some excellent outcomes using Botox or Dysport for neck banding in carefully selected patients.

Surgical Option for Neck Band Separation

The size and extent of platysmal neck bands is the determining factor on how best to treat them. Surgery may offer the best solution in more prominent cases. During a procedure known as platysmal plication, skin is detached from underlying pla­tysmal muscle in the neck and with just a few swift sutures, the disconnected muscle bands are rejoined. Usually platysmal plication is combined with a necklift. The one small incision necessary to complete both tasks is concealed well under the chin.

Performed in Combination with Mini Facelift and Necklift

At Contour Dermatology, Dr. Timothy Jochen performs platysmal plication in conjunction with a combined mini facelift and necklift. The effects are long lasting and the immaculate incision around the ears makes for a virtually untraceable scar. He works in his own private surgical suite which is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). Local anesthesia is used although twilight sedation is available for a slightly higher fee.

Your neckline should boast as youthful as your well-taken care of face. If platysmal neck bands are detracting from your best image, call and make an appointment today and we’ll provide a solution.

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