A little tanning won’t hurt anyone: Any tanning is bad. Tans are a result of melanin stimulation as a “defense” mechanism triggered by your body’s need to protect itself from the sun. We don’t want to tan. We want to maintain our natural skin tone and prevent any possible damage to our tissue.

It’s overcast so I don’t need my sunscreen: This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions out in regards to sun damage. UVA and UVB rays will still penetrate clouds. Clouds do NOT offer any blockage and skin damage due to the burning of these rays is more likely since we can “bear” to be out uncovered better in overcast weather.

Its winter time: Damage cause by UVA and UVB rays doesn’t change with the season. Snow will even reflect these rays and give you a higher exposure rate. Don’t forget those ski/snow trips; keep your sunscreen handy. The higher up we go (elevation wise) the greater the risk for sun damage.

I’ll just carry an umbrella instead: Although umbrellas can provide shade they unfortunately do NOT provide full UVA or UVB blockage. Also if using an umbrella at the beach don’t forget that sand is also very reflective and can still reflect those pesky rays up under the umbrella.

I’m allergic to sunscreen: Some people are in fact allergic to some sort of sunscreen ingredient. Most Sunscreen manufacturers have taken skin sensitivities into consideration and have developed several alternatives for people with sensitivities. Some sunscreens are made strictly out of metals like zinc and titanium and are NOT absorbed in the skin so irritation is less likely. Infant and children sunscreens are also made in a “gentle” fashion to minimize allergic reactions.

It’s in my makeup: There are only a FEW makeup lines that are endorsed by the Skin cancer foundation to have sufficient Sun blockage. Reapplication is taken into consideration when endorsing these items. Not all products in a skin care line will have sunscreen, but those that do require only a 15+ SPF rating. Jane Iredale is our choice for beauty and protection. Make sure you are checking your products to ensure you have the appropriate SPF needed.

My skin doesn’t burn: Genetic makeup has always been the biggest battle when it comes to sun protection. Just because you can tan doesn’t mean you should. As stated initially tanning is our bodies DEFEENSE against UVA and UVB rays and we do NOT recommend tanning. Just because your body can tan and alleviate the “burn/burning” caused by sun rays does not mean damage is NOT occurring in your skin. Tanning can lead to premature aging of your skin and break down collagen.

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