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TNS Essential Serum Everything You Need In One Bottle

Essentially everything you need in ONE BOTTLE! Find out what our patient care coordinator LaRue Cole thinks about TNS Essential Serum, Obagi Cleanser and Toner!

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Another Shot At Looking Young: Botox Myths Exposed

One of the most common anti-aging procedures in cosmetic surgery is Botox. We’ve all have heard of it, whether it is in a positive light or a negative one; everyone has an opinion. In today’s society everyone is in a rush to stop or […]

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Jennifer Daniels and Dr Timothy Jochen On the new Capillus272 Laser Hair Growth Cap

The Capillus272 laser cap looks like a regular baseball cap, but underneath it is a patented laser system with 272 laser diodes that deliver low-level laser therapy to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Dr. Timothy Jochen talks about this new laser device on […]

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How to prevent the signs of aging in the neck

Every mature woman knows that there are other significant signs of aging other than your face and hands. Ask yourself, does your neck give you away? If you have platysmal muscle banding occurring in that area, it can distract from even the most radiant […]

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The Obagi Duo – Ashley and Erica

Obagi Foaming Gel #1 and Obagi Toner #2 make you skin feel amazing, The one, two punch of facial cleansers.

Buy Obagi Foaming Gel Cleanser #1

Buy Obagi Toner #2

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