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Pimple Pack Package

Pimple Pack
The perfect package for someone who needs a little extra help to reduce unwanted pimples. Virtually little or no downtime requires for the procedures and they can be done every two to four weeks. Leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Gives you […]

Medi-Weightloss Testimonial – Mike

Mike’s Weight Loss Story
I have struggled with weight most of my life. For over 25 years I served in the Army as a reserve officer, and I was a long-distance runner. After retirement from the reserve program, when my marathon running days were over, […]

Beautiful Earlobes with Dr. Timothy Jochen

Live Earlobe Repair Surgery Demonstration
Are your earlobes hanging down from heavy earrings or other deformities? Dr. Jochen show how to fix earlobes with this simple surgery. The result is beautiful earlobes!

Live Demonstration of Restylane Silk Injection Under Eyes

New facial filler Restylane Silk is FDA approved for lip plumping and also for filling in fine lines around the lips. During our Day of Beauty event on March 7, 2015 at Contour Dermatology in Rancho Mirage. In this video, Dr. Jochen demonstrates the injection […]

Latest Hair Restoration Techniques

Dr. Timothy Jochen, Board Certified Dermatologist and Hair Restoration Expert, discusses a variety of options for men and women experiencing hair loss. From medications, to topical solutions to the new low-level laser therapy cap by Capillus – there is hope for hair regrowth. Watch […]

April 19, 2018