Latest Hair Restoration Techniques with Timothy Jochen, MD

Dr. Timothy Jochen, Board Certified Dermatologist and Hair Restoration Expert, discusses a variety of options for men and women experiencing hair loss. From medications, to topical solutions to the new low-level laser therapy cap by Capillus – there is hope for hair regrowth. Watch his interview on KMIR TV News. For more information about Contour Dermatology.

27 Aug: Dr. Tim Jochen Talks With NBC Morning News Anchor Joe Smith About Hair Loss and Hair Loss Treatments

Dr. Jochen gives some information on hair loss and some different forms of treatments to help the condition. He speaks about hair loss in women and men.

26 Mar: One Woman’s Hair Loss Story, From Hair Loss to New Hair with Hair Transplant

Margo’s hair has always been fine, but in her mid-50s, she started losing her hair. She had a very high-stress job at the time and her hair was literally falling out.

19 Mar: Solutions for Hair Loss in Women

The good news is that new surgical techniques enable many women who are losing their hair to enjoy a completely natural-looking restoration.

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