What is Cellulite: Cellulite is the un-proportioned deposit of fat within the skin that pushes up against connective tissue.  Just because you have cellulite doesn’t mean you are by any means overweight.  Cellulite is more common in women but can affect some men as well.  Cellulite is less noticeable on darker skin types and can be masked by the use of sunless tanning products.

What causes cellulite: Poor diet, Fad dieting, Lack of physical activity, BMI, and thickness of your skin tissue.

Treatment options: Laser treatments with devices like the Velashape II can help smooth out these nasty imperfections.  This laser has also shown a reduction in circumference, which means fewer inches off your body!!

Prevention: Good diet. Prevent eating high fatty foods as these will aid the uneven inflammation of fat cells. Avoid Fad Dieting as this will also cause cellulite, opt for healthier weight loss methods like exercising to tighten skin and reduce fat the right way.

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