It’s FDA-Approved

Perhaps you’re no stranger to the contouring capabilities of FDA-approved VelaShape III.

Short skirts and maybe even crop tops have found their way back into your wardrobe thanks to the cellulite-banishing and toning powers of this completely non-surgical device. Did you know it can also improve skin sagging along the neck and chin to create a more toned and natural-looking neckline?

Yes, the same unique combination of bi-polar radio frequency, infrared light energy, suction and mechanical massage that works so well on hips, thighs and abdomen can be directed at the neck region. Four different technologies join forces to address the trouble spots that plague so many. Goodbye cellulite! Farewell double chin! Hello toned and contoured physique plus neckline.

VelaShape III uses patented Circumferential Reduction® techniques and elos™ technology, to effectively reduce the size of fat cells and re-contour the skin’s surface. Cellulite doesn’t stand a chance. The process is virtually painless with no downtime. Five to six sessions are generally suggested. But with the increased energy capacity of this third generation system, noticeable results have been seen in as few as one to two treatments.Tighten & smooth your skin with VelaShape III

VelaShape III works on all skin types. It’s a very safe, comfortable and effective procedure that’s been proven in numerous clinical trials and several million independent treatments. Investigate its overall smoothing and toning possibilities, if you haven’t already, by giving our offices a call. Ask about VelaShape III for neckline improvement and give yourself a non-surgical lift today!

* Results and your patient experience may vary